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Toolbox - MODS For MCPE

Bibliotecas e demos

Toolbox ModToolbox is the ultimate solution for quickly being able to access all kinds of blocks and items and changing settings in-game such as the weather, the gamemode and much more. It was previously known as the Too Many Items mod but as of version 0.12 of Minecraft Pocket Edition the new name is Toolbox.AgameR Paint ModA mod which adds 16 painting brushes to the game all which represent an individual color each. By using a brush item you can paint other objects. For example, if you wanted a pink house you could take the Pink Paint Brush and paint your house with it.
Arcane Rings ModMagic in Minecraft Pocket Edition such as enchanting doesn’t exist as of yet (might have changed when you are reading). The Arcane Rings Mod changes that and adds five magical rings. When wearing a ring it will give you a specific ability such as the ability to fly and turn invisible.